About Us

 After many years of drinking Coffee and Energy drinks to feel energy throughout the day and get stuff done, we started to get tired of the unwanted side effects. The jitters and crash weren't worth the trade off. 

While we were both living in Japan we discovered a drink called Matcha Tea. We instantly fell in love with everything about it. We felt Awake Clear and Calm, and this feeling lasted throughout the day. The best part...there was no crash, no jitters, and no bad breath.

We also learned that both Samurai and Monks had been using it for hundreds of years in order to attain perfect mental clarity and zen-like focus. Plus, we learned it offers amazing health benefits such as high antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins that are great for the body and skin. 

Upon returning to the US it took us some time but eventually we decided we had to find the same quality Matcha we had in Japan. The problem was, everywhere we looked the quality was nowhere near as good and if it was, the price was outrageous.

So we decided to partner up with a private Matcha family farm to create an extremely high quality Matcha made from specialty tea leaves that was actually affordable. Thats when Yodha Matcha was born.
Our aim is to provide high quality organic Matcha that is 100% pure and free from all harmful toxins for an affordable price. We hope everyone gets a chance to try this amazing drink to see first hand how amazing the benefits are. 
Santiago and Fernando   ~ Co-Founders