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The ALL-IN-ONE-ON-THE-GO Matcha Kit for Nubies

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Authentically Japanese

Made in finest family farms directly in Kagoshima Japan


Naturally contains caffeine + L-Theanine for energy without jitters


USDA Organic

Our matcha is pure and contains zero harmful chemicals and radiation



Matcha was developed in Japan, and they have the highest standards for all matchas

what's special about this tea?


Matcha is essentially a superhero of all drinks. Unlike other green teas Matcha plants are shade grown and whisked directly into the water (no tea bags here!) to provide the highest antioxidant, chlorophyll, and theanine levels in the powder you enjoy! Our tea masters carefully select the leaves from each harvest to create a superior, well rounded flavor profile not found anywhere else.


Tea Taster



1g per person or 1 sachet per person



add your fave milk



best to use a whisk


try me

as a latte

How to make matcha?

Grab a bowl/mug/cup/bottle and fill it about 1/4 of the way with room temp water. Put 1 tsp of matcha into the water. Whisk it with a bamboo whisk, electric whisk, or shake in a closed bottle. Fill the other 3/4 of the container with with hot water... Sip up, and zen out!

Bamboo vs. Electric whisks?

Both are great and work well. Electric is quicker, just press a button and mix vs. Bamboo is more ceremonious, moving the whisk in a W formation while not pressing the bamboo too hard ( about 30 secs) *P.S. very therapeutic

Matcha Lattes

Repeat same process as with water, but with your fave dairy/non-dairy milk.. maybe add some sweetener (Agave, Maple, etc..) Note: *We're fans of Oat or Almond milk (:

Cook with it?
If you want to use Matcha in your recipes, we recommend you buy the barista edition.. It's tasty as a tea or latte, but also good for mixing with other ingredients !!
matcha gnocchi recipe

Matcha peanut butter cups

We have the recipe!

🍵🍵 "I just got my kit and I absolutely LOVE it. I am usually picky on healthy greens but this stuff just tastes amazing. Oh and I have been eating healthy while drinking this at least once a day. In the last week I feel rejuvenated, more energized, less fatigued and even lost 7 lbs as of this morning!" -Joanne🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Kit contains 

- 30 grams of Ceremonial Grade Yodha Matcha 

- Stainless Steel E-Whisk

- Stainless Steel Spoon 

- BPA -Free Water Bottle for "On the Go" Matcha Lovers 

Enjoy your Matcha quickly or on the go!

3 Simple steps 

- Use spoon for perfect serving amount of Matcha 

- Add spoon of Matcha to hot/cold water or milk 

- Use E-Whisk to whisk well for about a minute 


Yodha Matcha’s On-the-Go Matcha Starter Kit

Are you deciding to switch to Matcha? You have to!

If you’re starting your Matcha, you’re on the right page.

Why drink matcha?

Matcha is a concentrated form of green tea full of amino acids, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It’s good for your body!

It is rich in antioxidants!

Many people today are experiencing lousy health conditions because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Our society is full of high-sugar, high-salt, and high-fat foods and beverages that promote diseases and shorten our lives.

Many people are overweight, have cardiovascular problems, and have out-of-control blood sugar levels that can be morbid. With Matcha, you can have an excellent chance of avoiding these adverse effects.

EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate, Matcha’s main catechin flavonoid, is a natural anti-inflammatory chemical. This antioxidant helps relieve your body of pain and high blood pressure. It is also known to aid your immune cells to battle free radicals and repair damaged cells. This antioxidant helps your body mitigate diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic illnesses.

EGCG helps in mitigating oxidation of bad cholesterol in the blood. By this, it protects your arteries from the resulting free radicals that cause clogging and high blood pressure.

With that, the antioxidant also prevents the build-up of fat cells and promotes excellent weight control.

It is rich in beneficial amino acids!

Matcha has L-Theanine, an amino acid known to help regulate your stress and feel-good hormones. This amino acid promotes the excellent flow of oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins.

L-Theanine in Matcha gives you a feeling of calm awakeness matched by the tea’s proper release of caffeine. Matcha caffeine releases into the body gradually and consistently, lasting you 4 to 6 hours of pleasant energy. It’s good for your mind!

Matcha helps improve your focus, memory, attention, and concentration. With Matcha, you can be more productive in your workouts, exercises, work, and business.

This amino acid can help you keep an active mind and mitigate geriatric and senescent illnesses. You can keep your brain young with the proper diet and exercise supplemented by Matcha.

It is the best alternative drink!

Other caffeinated beverages and energy drink out there can be dangerous for you. Most of these beverages have plenty of sugar and other “energy boosters” that give you a short surge of nervous power and crashes you after a couple of hours. These drinks can quickly get you addicted.

Many modern offerings in food and beverages can be bad for you. Our fast-food and instant-food culture has provided people with many diseases that cause death, especially heart disease, diabetes, and cancers.

It is time for you to switch to Matcha and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Supplement a proper diet and regular exercise with this beautiful drink.

Choose Matcha!

We’re glad that you are considering switching to Matcha, and know that the Yodha Matcha family is here for you!

We at Yodha Matcha dedicate to giving you everything you need to have an excellent Matcha lifestyle!

What do I need to start my Matcha journey?

Yodha Matcha’s On-the-Go Matcha Starter Kit will get you going!

This starter set fits any lifestyle. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, medical professional, creative, musician, fitness enthusiast, business professional, teacher, or a writer, our modern matcha set is the most practical way to consume Matcha, even on-the-go!

This is excellent for bringing your matcha fix around, especially in the gym, when running or biking or exercising.

Our tea is the best alternative workout beverage. Its EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate content is an anti-inflammatory that helps relieve muscle pain, and it also aids in the repair of tissue.

Simultaneously, its L-Theanine and caffeine combination gives you a pleasant concentration that keeps you focused and gives you sustainable and long-lasting energy that does not crash.

You can now avoid drinking highly sugary and hyper-caffeinated energy drinks that produce nervous and short-lived power that results in a crash.

With this matcha kit, you will have an easy way of getting ready for your workout. Pour your fix of powder, add some water or your choice of dairy or non-dairy milk, add a proper amount of sweetener, and whisk with our electric frother.

Have Matcha on the go with our modern set.

Yodha Matcha’s On-the-Go Matcha Starter Kit comes with:

  • 30 grams of Ceremonial Grade Yodha Matcha

This matcha powder grade is the highest quality of Matcha you’ll ever get. You can use it for your matcha tea and other culinary purposes, and even cosmetics if you choose to. Thirty grams of Yodha Matcha can give you up to 7 servings of matcha tea - that’s one week of sustainable and calm, focused energy to get you productive!

Ceremonial-grade Matcha is the highest quality of green tea powder you can buy. It has the most nutrients, and it tastes the best.

This grade of tea is best for daily consumption, and it is quite a flexible product. You can use it for drinking or decorating and as an ingredient for desserts, pastries, and other food you wish to have a great refreshing taste.

This type of powder is best diluted in water with a whisk so that it completely dissolves, and your drinks become completely uniform.

It is the historically and traditionally used grade for Japanese tea ceremonies done by Zen monks. They used bamboo whisks in preparing their ceremonial tea and enjoyed the pleasant meditation-conducive effects of the drink.

  • The Yodha Matcha - Matcha Frother

The best way to prepare ceremonial-grade tea is by using a whisk to dilute the powder in water ultimately. Without a whisk, you might not thoroughly mix the product in the liquid, and your tea will not taste as pleasant as you expect it to be.

Traditionally, Japanese Zen monks used bamboo whisks in their tea ceremonies to prepare the drink. Today, we have a modern twist on the tool, and we have a portable electric whisk for your convenient use.

Our FDA-approved stainless steel BPA-free portable handheld electric tea whisk is the best accompaniment for your on-the-go matcha lifestyle. It’s hard to mix Matcha with liquids without a whisk, and this device will help you power through making your teas quickly.

The matcha frother has two whisking options, Single and Double Whisk Heads. The double whisk head can even help you make your matcha frothy-fancy if you like.

It is incredibly simple to use with its one-button operation, with a sleek design for better handling and control.

And, the Matcha Frother fits into what? - our on-the-go Matcha bottle!

  • Yodha Matcha On-the-Go Tea bottle

Bring your 500 ml on-the-go matcha bottle anywhere! It fits in your car, looks delightful on your desk, matches your yoga mat - it’s your hassle-free way of drinking Matcha anytime you want, anywhere you want!

You can bring it while jogging, commuting, driving, conversing, meeting, or anything.

Made with food-grade and food-safe materials, use it for hot or cold matcha beverages. It is conveniently easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

The bottle keeps your Matcha’s temperature for the right amount of time to enjoy your fix the way you want it. 

This bottle is best for people who are exercising. You can bring it when biking, going to the gym, running, walking, hiking, trailing, or training for your sport.

Athletes have now turned to Matcha as an alternative for too sugary and too caffeinated energy drinks that cause crashes, caffeine addiction, and mess with blood sugar levels.

You should also switch to Matcha as it is a safer energy drink. It has a gradual release of caffeine so that the energy lasts longer. It is paired with L-Theanine that gives you focus and brightens your mood and gives you motivation.

With EGCG, your muscle tissues are easily repaired post-exercise, and there will be less inflammation in your body.

It is the best workout drink, and this set has the perfect combination of tea and tools for convenient tea preparation.

This bottle has a safety strap that makes for secure handling when on the go. It is easy to bring around, and is also easy to clean.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic set to start your nutritious matcha journey for a sexier and healthier you.


How much caffeine is in matcha?

Matcha caffeine is about the same as regular coffee, which is at least 70mg per cup or teaspoon.

The difference between the two drinks is the way that they release the active ingredient.

While coffee gives you a caffeine rush that makes you jittery, Matcha releases the compound gently.

With coffee, your energy lasts at three hours max, while with the tea, you have up to six hours of peaceful awakeness and graceful focus.

Is caffeine addictive?

Caffeine is addictive, and if you are getting your fix from fast-acting and hyper-caffeinated drinks, you are in danger.

Caffeine addiction can mess up with your nervous system and can lead to insomnia and even mental illness.

Can Matcha cure sickness?

The tea is not official or legitimate medicine and must not be used in place of your prescriptions. However, tea is proven to have vital nutrients that are essential supplements that help our bodies mitigate sicknesses.

Consider it as a very nutritious alternative to your regular vitamins and minerals tablet and coffee.